Friday, November 24, 2006


Received a DWI from INSEAD last night.
First decision's not gone my way. Hope I get better decisions going forward.
All the Best to me.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Finally got through with my first round apps this Sunday. Work at office has been so hectic that I have not even had time to look into my application status this past week.

I checked my status on Kellogg website, and it says incomplete! The toefl scores are missing. I had taken the toefl CBT in early September. Unfortunately, I myself have not received the scores, and frequent requests to ets do not seem to help. Their way of sending scores by snail mail really sucks. They should let us access our score reports online. I heard that's possible in the new IBT, but what about people who took the CBT? I know of atleast three more people who did not receive their CBT scores on time.

I have shot a quick mail to the Kellogg adcom asking them to confirm if they still havn't received my official toefl score report from ets. I hope its just a case where its taking them some time to match the application with the records.