Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Today in my life...

Here's how I spent my last 24 hours:
0200 hrs: Go to sleep. I've had enough of the previous day.
0650 hrs: Wake up alarm goes off!
0735 hrs: Leave for Fuqua
0800 - 0830 hrs: Stats Quiz
0830 - 1015 hrs: Stats class
1030 - 1115 hrs: Some internal class event
1130 - 1215 hrs: Discuss Team Charter with Leadership Fellow and suggest imrovements to team processes.
1220-1250 hrs: Resume review by Career Management Center
1250 - 1310 hrs: Stand in queue, grab your lunch and eat it
1315 - 1530 hrs: Deliver a company research presentation as part of Management Communications course. Provide peer feedback to others.
1600 - 1800 hrs: Go back home, work on resume and set up next review appointment for tomorrow.
Write and submit applications for a couple of leadership activities.
Get dressed in business attire. Rush back to Fuqua
1830 - 2030 hrs: Attend a Company Special Interest Pesentation (SIP)
2030 -2100 hrs: Rush home. Change into casuals to attend Peru Earthquake Fund Raiser Party.
2100 - 0000 hrs: Party!
0030 -0115 hrs: Check e-mail. Cook dinner, eat (As a rule, you do not get much food at parties. Plus, I'm a veggie).
0115- 0125 hrs: Write this blog.
0126 hrs: Thankfully, Wednesdays are no-class days, which means I can put off studying for Accounting and Economics quizzes to tomorrow. So, shut down and sleep. There's a symposium lined up for 8.00 AM the next day.
To top it all, the second years say things are just beginning to warm up. It gets a lot busier than this :)