Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kellogg Alumni Interview Waived

The latest update from Kellogg is that the adcom has waived the requirement of an alumni interview before reviewing my application.

My first reaction to this was disappointment on two counts - one, I miss the chance to interact with an alumni and two, how does this translate when it comes to my chances of getting an admit.

However, a quick mail to my friend at Kellogg has helped. Here's what he says: "not to worry. my interview was waived as well, they called me later.
they will first read your file and then call u as of now it only means that they could not schedule the interview due to logistic issues

So iDay, and all others(me included) in the same boat can be assured that we are not out of the race, atleast for the time being. Ofcourse, a face to face with an alumni would have been something really nice - but then I dont mind as long as I get through :)

Friday, October 20, 2006

2 down 2 to go..

I submitted my INSEAD and Kellogg applications this week. Read that scarecrow07 got an interview intimation from Kellogg. Am waiting for mine as well now.

I now have around 1 & 1/2 weeks for my other two apps in the first round - Duke and Haas. My essays for both are almost ready, so I think I can afford a small vacation of two days on Diwali, before diving back into my applications.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Favorite quote and happiness

I am pleased with myself today :). The first essay question at Haas goes thus: "1.What is your favorite quote, and why is it meaningful to you? (250 word maximum) "

I finshed my Haas essays around 15 days back. All but this one. Usually, I do not start writing any essay till I have a strucutre drawn for all the questions. Haas was different. It made me think of a quote I related to the most, and why? This was taking too much time. I am not the kind who has one single favorite for anything. There are numerous quotes I like and many I come across daily.

I wanted to write something that resonated with my personality completely. I finally found that quote early morning yesterday, and it took me less than an hour to write off my essay. I am happy I got this quote question out of my way. I realized that off late I had started looking for a meaningful quote when I talked to my manager or colleagues. I'll have to change a couple of sentences in other essays in order for this essay to fit the overall picture. But the situation is under control now :)

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Finally submitted Part1 of my Kellogg application today. Sent mails to one of my recommenders with INSEAD reco link, and also a reminder to start on the Kellogg reco. My other recommender was away on vacation last week, and has now suddenly caught viral fever. Hope he gets well soon.

Saturday is a working day here in Bangalore due to a state wide strike that happened yesterday. Saturdays are the most productive days for me when it comes to my application. Hope I made up for it yesterday :)

Lots of brushing up to do on my essays...