Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Favorite quote and happiness

I am pleased with myself today :). The first essay question at Haas goes thus: "1.What is your favorite quote, and why is it meaningful to you? (250 word maximum) "

I finshed my Haas essays around 15 days back. All but this one. Usually, I do not start writing any essay till I have a strucutre drawn for all the questions. Haas was different. It made me think of a quote I related to the most, and why? This was taking too much time. I am not the kind who has one single favorite for anything. There are numerous quotes I like and many I come across daily.

I wanted to write something that resonated with my personality completely. I finally found that quote early morning yesterday, and it took me less than an hour to write off my essay. I am happy I got this quote question out of my way. I realized that off late I had started looking for a meaningful quote when I talked to my manager or colleagues. I'll have to change a couple of sentences in other essays in order for this essay to fit the overall picture. But the situation is under control now :)


Jonh Neo said...

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Hobbes said...

I love Haas man!!! Totally loved my visit to their campus. I was also thinking of apping there in R1, but not so sure if I can. I am already very drained out, and I still have ROss and Duke to go. :(

Good luck!