Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kellogg Alumni Interview Waived

The latest update from Kellogg is that the adcom has waived the requirement of an alumni interview before reviewing my application.

My first reaction to this was disappointment on two counts - one, I miss the chance to interact with an alumni and two, how does this translate when it comes to my chances of getting an admit.

However, a quick mail to my friend at Kellogg has helped. Here's what he says: "not to worry. my interview was waived as well, they called me later.
they will first read your file and then call u as of now it only means that they could not schedule the interview due to logistic issues

So iDay, and all others(me included) in the same boat can be assured that we are not out of the race, atleast for the time being. Ofcourse, a face to face with an alumni would have been something really nice - but then I dont mind as long as I get through :)


MBABlogger said...

When did you submit your Kellogg app. I still havent got any info on interview from Kellogg :-/

MBAstarter said...

I submitted mine on Oct 17/18.
But the deadline for submission of part one to request an alumni interview was Oct 5, as far as I remember.

Hobbes said...

Not to worry, i know of a few ppl from last yr who were interviewed later and offered admission. Good luck! :)

Whats the status on the other apps?