Thursday, October 05, 2006


Finally submitted Part1 of my Kellogg application today. Sent mails to one of my recommenders with INSEAD reco link, and also a reminder to start on the Kellogg reco. My other recommender was away on vacation last week, and has now suddenly caught viral fever. Hope he gets well soon.

Saturday is a working day here in Bangalore due to a state wide strike that happened yesterday. Saturdays are the most productive days for me when it comes to my application. Hope I made up for it yesterday :)

Lots of brushing up to do on my essays...


Hobbes said...

From ur list it appears as though u're apping to Kellogg, Chicago n INSEAD. Are you apping to any other places too?

GOod luck! :)

MBAstarter said...

I have decided not to apply to Chicago. I am applying to Kellogg, INSEAD, Haas, Duke and Ross - all in the first deadline.