Sunday, April 13, 2008

Evolution with time

Life is still busy. I just got back home after leaving for school early in the morning.

Here's how I spent my day:
0200 hours: Go to sleep. Have done enough socialization for the day.

0715 hours: Wake-up!

0800 - 1530 hours: Reach school and then proceed for COLE Leadership Fellow Team Building exercise at an Army Base Camp near Durham.

1600 - 1700 hours: Brief pit-stop at home. Shower and dress up for a Leadership celebration event at a nearby restaurant.

1700 - 1830 hours: Attend the event.

1830 - 2100 hours: Classmate's daughter's first birthday party.

2100 Hours: Scheduled phone call with a Class of 2010 admit.

2200 hours: Writing this blog and debating whether I should go for the awesome Fuqua Latin Party taking place tonight. Or should I just sweat it out at the racquetball court for an hour and then hit the sack?

This is a far cry from a day in my life around six months back! There were learnings then, there are learnings now. Each interaction here has the potential to enrich your experience. I am learning that there is a certain time for every type of experience. Hopefully, I am going through my set of experiences at the right time - neither too late nor too early.

In other news, an admitted student mailed me informing that I am one of ClearAdmit's in the Best Student Blogger category. Not too bad, huh?