Friday, February 20, 2009

MBA Conquered

My MBA study is over!

This week I went to school to attend my last lecture towards an MBA. I am graduating a couple of months early with feelings of happiness, achievement and a trifle sadness as I will in all probability not be studying full-time again. But overall I am happy over the way things turned out. I am very glad I decided to come to Fuqua for what has been the most educative two years of my life.

Beginning from March, I will be working for a non-profit organization (Udyogini). I am very excited about this opportunity because it will allow me to spend time and experience the non-profit industry in India up-close and personal. This is something that I always wanted to do but was not sure when and how I will make it happen.

Udyogini is supported through a World Bank initiative and works with poor women to improve their skills as producers and their knowledge of the markets they operate in. I will be working for their business development unit which provides services to its field projects as well as external clients.

The fact that I will travel to various villages in India and stay there for 3-4 weeks in order to understand everything only adds to my excitement. I have spent my entire life in urban India and I look forward to experience the rural life that is home to over 70% of our country's population.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back after a loong break!

Sometime back, I decided for no apparent reason that I will stop posting. Maybe, I figured that my B-school experience will be the same till I graduate. I was certainly wrong on that front. Every moment can be a new learning and a new experience - specially if you are a B-school student at Duke. From what I hear, this year's intake is going to be ultra-competitive with many people wanting to shield themselves from recession and take refuge in the 'safe' environs of a B-school. Hope you know what you are getting into :-)

I am in Bangkok these days - studying at SASIN Business School as part of an exchange program that Duke has with them. I highly recommend B-schoolers to go on exchange. Exchange program makes you realize the value of learning outside of class more than ever. Thailand has been a totally different experience - language barriers, cultural differences, heavy tourism focus - everything has made the trip unique. The amazing street food being the highlight for me. They can make their 'Fired' Rice really fiery mind you!

I am finishing my required credits and graduating early. This means I am not returning to Duke after exchange. Instead, I am returning back to India and working for a non-profit for four months. More on that later.