Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eating, Sleeping and Drinking

When do you start saying you eat, sleep and drink applications these days? The other day, I read the word 'instead'written somewhere and inadvertently missed the 't' in it! Well, looking at water makes me think of Wharton these days. Cornflakes look like they've been imported directly from Northwestern University.

I was expecting applications to take their toll on me alright. The manner was not expected. Its quite an awakening experience anyways. Deciding I need an MBA at this point was not tough. Explaining this to others is interesting, but not as easy. Hope it all ends on a triumphant note.

Attended the Wharton info session at Bangalore yesterday. Admissions director Thomas Caheel was there. Wharton has this aura around it alright. And the session had nothing that would dimish that. There was an impressive looking gentleman from Bain Capital (who has deferred his admit and will be joining the class of '09 next year), a current second year student and an IAS officer from the class of '90. Apart from the usual stats, Thomas tried his best to tell us that Wharton is not only about finance, and how students have a plethora of choices open to them besides that too. Personally, I believe that no school can boast to be the best in the world based on its strength in just one field. All in all, the session helped in getting a feel of the kind of classmates you will have there and the kind of people you will be competing against for an admit. Might be applying to wharton in the second round - not sure as of now. GSB Chicago is up next, and I hear their info sessions are something one must look forward to.

I'll get back to my applications now, before I start mixing my Kelloggs in wharton insead of putting them into milk.

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