Friday, September 08, 2006

The best fit

Attended the GSB Chicago Infosession earlier this week. It was hosted at the same place as Wharton's last week. All adcoms are interested in knowing why that particular university is the right fit for us. The concern is valid. A right combination helps both the school and the student in the long run. What I am looking for in these sessions is how these schools differentiate themselves from each other. In this case, I must say the sessions did not serve my purpose.

Both schools sold themselves very well. They had an impressive set of past alumni and current students in their ranks. Both boasted of world class faculty. Both insisted that community involvement is high on their agenda. Both iterated that their school is not just about one particular major, but about holistic learning.

Most people attending such sessions are more interested in knowing about the application process than about the university itself. The Wharton session was more informative in that sense as they gave a good insight into how they go about their application handling and how their quest for the best does not stop at only one particular part of the application. But then again, I did not go to the infosessions just to know that they scrutinize my application really well.

My search is still on....

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