Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cheers Duke

A regret letter from Tuck greeted me in my inbox today morning. So, here's a toast to my only successful application.
Blue Devils - here I come :)


Sudha said...

well, its all for the best!!
achtung, Duke!

forrest gump said...

as Sudha said, i think it is all for the best. you will surely have a great time at duke.

shilv said...

Wow Duke is one of my fav Bskls...
have fun :)

Hobbes said...

Welcome again! :)

Moved to Ch?

Alex said...

hey, have fun at Duke!

Ramya said...

congrats..can you tell what is your GMAT score ?
Can a profile like this has a good chance ?
780/Indian/IT/Male/4 yr exp/IIT graduate

your inputs would help.