Friday, May 11, 2007

Tuck update: The agony continues

This is turning out to be quite a pain. Tuck has decided to extend my waitlist by another month.

I was hoping they will save me the agony of waiting till the very last moment. I am virtually in a no man's land. I am not sure where I am headed.

I have no doubt that Tuck is my first choice. However, that is only when I look at Tuck and Duke on a level ground. As it turns out, the ground is no longer level. I already have an admit from Duke. The people there have shown that they live by the 'Team Fuqua' culture that they boast of. With Duke students, alumni and staff having been so cordial and helpful, and with me having a small scholarship from them as well, I now wonder if it is worth waiting till June 13.

Durham is a small town and most of the good apartments will already be taken by the time I start looking for one next month. Then there's the Visa issue - if I change my school after getting my Visa stamped, I will have to go through the whole Visa process again.

As of now, I think I will confirm that I want to remain on waitlist, hope for an early decision, hope that the decision goes my way and then run around to get all logistics done on time.

Good luck to me.


Forrest Gump said...

i think i hate WLs as much as you do...they really are so painful, but i think your action plan is on target. cant you do anything to convince them to give an early decision ?

Rahul said...

It is a difficult situation to be in mate. Read the following post from Deba on how he converted his Chicago waitlist -

This might help.

Good Luck

Rahul said...

No worries. Hope that u get the good news soon.
Good Luck

Gabriel said...

I'm sure you'll manage and soon be there ;) best wishes

Ka said...

Thanks for dropping by! And yes maybe you are right: Luck goes hand in hand with Tuck! ... lol... it's even rhyming with it...
About the bell: I dont know about other companies, but in mine it's the one thing that determines my whole day... LOL...
8:25 for morning sports
8:30 begin working
12:00 lunch break
12:55 lunch break is almost over
13:00 lunch break is finally over
17:00 work ends
17:00 reminder to stop working
17:10 another nice reminder
17:15 to enforce the reminder
18:00 to tell you: GO HOME!
... then the bell gives up ;)
I dont exactly know what would happen if I'm late, but I guess it's pretty embarrassing to sneak into the office... it already is at 8:28!!!

Anyways, I really cross my fingers for you and hope to see you in Hanover in August!!!

Sudha said...

hey there. im coming here in a while now.
I was in the same boat as u last march, when I had an admit with a little money from CMU and was waiting for the decision from Stern. Though it turned out fine for me in the end, I had to send in my admit deposit to CMU.
i wish u luck with tuck. Hope things work out :)