Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Duke cheating scandal

Fuqua has lately been in news for not exactly the reasons it would have wanted to be.

Disciplinary action was taken against 34 odd students for a breach of the Fuqua Honor code. Not surprisingly, this sort of action at one of the top-notch univs in the US has garnered condiderable media attention. Media coverage is not only confined to news about the incident. There is a lot of specualtion about how it will affect Duke's image and the future of its current students and alumni.

I understand that the press and people suddenly have some 'hot' topic to discuss about and they are at it in a full-blown manner. Fuqua management probably saw it coming and hence reached out to all new admits and alumni.

Some say it is appreciable on part of Fuqua to come down heavily on any sort of honor code violation and if anything it will encourage employers to look at Fuqua as an ethically strong institution. If I were a recruiter, I too would look at at in this manner.

Personally, I think it will be back to normal once all this hoopla dies down. No loss of image or anything. No gains either. Some students were caught cheating and disciplinary action was taken against them - end of story.

I doubt if someone's decision to join Fuqua or not this Fall will be influenced by such a one-off incident. Atleast mine is not.

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