Friday, April 20, 2007

Yaye for SAP Labs

SAP Labs India has been ranked 8th in the Great Places to Work Study 2006 by Business World and I am so proud to be working here. The Great Place to Work Survey spanned over 120 major companies in India. SAP Labs participated in this for the first time and made it to the top 10!

More noteworthy is that amongst IT companies, SAP Labs is ranked 3. I have not worked with too many companies but going by the experience of my friends in various other companies, SAP is definitely one of the best places to work for.

Infact, I am surprised to see it lagging behind Google and Mindtree. I wonder how much more can those companies be doing for their employees. We have a sprawling campus, free food, free transport, amazingly flexible working hours, the independence to think and express our thoughts openly (for an IT guy, there is nothing more vital than this), a liberal cross-project transfer policy, numerous discussion forums, clubs, a dedicated and active CSR initiative, cricket, football tournaments, dance classes, a nice gym, festival celebrations, Family Day celebrations, guests such as Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore kick-starting the New Year, etc etc etc. Not to mention a highly qualified and intelligent pool of employees who egg you on to perform your best. And these are just some of the things that come to my mind at this moment. I can list down much more if I sit back and think.

I remember on Diwali weekend last year, I had to stay back till 8.30 PM due to some sudden customer escalation. As I sat in the shuttle, I realized that there were just 3 employees going that late! After a fab display of fireworks at office that evening, it was possible for most of us to go home and celebrate. Even though I was unlucky enough to be among those three people, I felt proud to be working with a company that cares and in a company where it is possible to balance your work and life so effectively.

Three cheers for SAP Labs! Go SAP...

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