Monday, April 16, 2007

Things to do

It is really difficult to concentrate on office work in office these days. I already feel there's so much to do and so little time left. Last week, I began preparing a list of action items that need my attention. And this list just keeps on growing longer.

Some examples of things on my list are:
  1. Impress Tuck - and that's absolutely vital!
  2. Research on what kind of laptop will suit me best there and where will I get the best deal.
  3. Learn excel shortcuts - I am really bad at this.
  4. There's some fuss being created over getting parking permits at Fuqua. Need to knwo what's the big deal about this.
  5. Check on vaccinations and immunizations. I can save money if I get this done with while I am still in India.
  6. People seem to have already booked apartments in Durham, and I do not even have a flatmate yet (Guess I can blame Tuck for this :))
  7. Then there's a lot of usual research that I need to do about Fuqua - such as a deeper research into the clubs.
  8. Ah! and the VISA - how can I forget that.
  9. Is flight availability already a problem? I heard this a couple of times already.

On top of all this, finish off pending stuff at office, give KT etc etc...


JatWarrior said...

haha... hope you at least like the music :)

Maelstromx said...

thanks man

Ka said...

In case you make it to Tuck (I cross my fingers for you!!!) you won't have to buy a laptop, cause every student gets the same there and it is included in the fees. So only buy one if you are sure the waitlist doesn't work out!!!
Hope to see you in fall!