Thursday, April 12, 2007

My ideal Inbox

Things I wish to see when I check my mailbox in the morning:

  1. A full freeship award letter from Duke/ Tuck
  2. A pre-approved VISA without having to appear for interview
  3. No work at office
  4. My manager mailing me that since there aint much work, I can go on a paid vacation for my last two months
  5. A mail from a fellow admit saying all my housing needs have been taken care of and I just need to get my $@# in there
Alas! If wishes were horses...

1 comment:

forrest gump said...

i think i would make the exact same wishes at the moment....but sigh!!

when does the Tuck closure happen ? these WLs are really bad, i think they should just do away with the concept.