Monday, October 01, 2007


I am back from a 36 hour roller coaster that is called Campout at Duke. Every muscle in my body is screaming for rest. Over the weekend, I got to sleep a total of 8 hours (and I must have slept the most out of all 1500 odd participants). Yet, I have no doubt that I had the time of my life.

Basketball is a religion at Duke and tickets to matches are limited. So, Duke has come up with this amazing way to distribute tickets to fans. The ask all grad students to Campout.

For 36 hours, you stay out in RVs/U-Hauls/tents in an open space. You do not get to sleep or to go home in this period. The idea is to queue up and sign-in everytime there is a bell, and this makes you eligible for a lottery sale of seasons tickets to Duke basketball matches. To maximize their chances of winning tickets, people team up in groups of 10-15 and then campout. This means that tickets you (or any of your team mates) win as an individual will now be shared by your team. You now have 10-15 times more probability of getting to watch a match.

I have been part of so many team building exercises both within and outside of Fuqua. Campout achieves team building like nothing else. Its a 36 hour non-stop party where you spend time helping each other stay awake, dance, drink, do crazy antics. You not only spend time with your team, but with people in RVs parked all around.

Am sure some of the bonds that I formed during campout are going to last forever.

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