Friday, October 19, 2007

Fall Break is here!

I am one-term old at Fuqua now and really looking forward to the week long fall break. While time has not exactly flown, past six weeks have been pretty intense.

I always knew it was going to be an intensive two years. However, it is the magnitude of the intensity that I was probably not prepared for. People still ask, “How’s it going?” I no longer find it surprising when people do not bother to listen to my response, but that is the only time during the term that I got to step back and think, how actually it is going.

Most finance and consulting companies ask for your grades. Most people are working hard towards a good academic performance. In such a scenario, more than your understanding of a certain topic, the importance preparing well from an examination point of view drives your intent to learn. I wonder if people are able to extract more out of their academic experience at schools that have a grade non-disclosure policy.

Overall, it has been an amazing two months. There has been a significant change in my perspective. Academically, there has been enormous learning. To be able to peruse and understand a firm’s annual report after taking an Accounting course for just six weeks, is a great feeling. Every day is a new revelation. There’s been a plethora of leadership opportunities – everyone gets to aim at what he/she thought will be his idea of leadership experience.

The highlights of this term were the meeting Marquis in person, the Campout, the Accounting course (a special thanks to Dr. V – our amazing accounting professor, who made such a big difference in our learning experience, with his passion and ability to bundle everything for us in a splendid manner.)

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