Thursday, February 22, 2007

No Feedback

Here's what Haas has to say on my request for feedback:

"The Berkeley MBA Admissions Committee will only provide feedback to applicants who are denied from our waitlist or denied after completing an interview. In past years, we have provided feedback to all unsuccessful applicants. Unfortunately, the overwhelming number of requests became a significant strain on our limited resources and we found ourselves unable to devote sufficient time to other important projects. As a result, we have reluctantly decided to provide this service only to those individuals who were originally placed on our waitlist or interviewed.

We sincerely wish that we had the time and resources to provide feedback to all of our unsuccessful applicants, especially considering how much time and energy you spent completing our application. Unfortunately, we simply do not. We suggest that you may wish to compare yourself to the profile of admitted students that is available on our website the profile for this year’s entering class will be available in the early fall. This may help you pinpoint weak areas in your application. We wish you all the best as you pursue graduate management study.

The Berkeley MBA Admissions Team

Seems there's simply too many people around everywhere these days.

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