Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tuck Interview Experience

My Tuck interview took place in Delhi last week.

Here's what I was asked:

If I were not to see your resume, what one thing would you take along if I send you to Mars? Then some discussion on what I answered.
What one word describes you the best?
What makes teams work? Some ques about teamwork v/s individual brilliance.
Questions about my experiences as a team lead.
What will your friends say if I ask them about your strengths? And weaknesses? Asked for examples on why I felt those to be my weaknesses.
My experiences in community service – what is one particular experience that you are proud of?
Why MBA?
Why Now?
Why Tuck?
Any questions you want to ask?

The Tuck interview is a bit different from that of other schools. Tuck has appointed a dedicated representative for Asia, and he interviews prospective students across Singapore, Bangladesh, India, China etc. In the end, I was not too sure if this is a good idea. The representative is not a Tuck pass out, so I felt the interview lacked the vital ‘Tuck perspective’ that an alum would have provided me with. At the same time, I think it is better than a telephonic interview that is the norm for most US B-schools - in case no alumni is available.

Overall, it was pretty much a ‘textbook interview’. I came out with a feeling that there was still some information that I could have put across. A key question I wanted to address was why they should take me in Tuck. While I did weave in plenty of stories that would help him judge the answer to this question, there was still some stuff that I could add. He did not ask me if I wanted to say something else, and I thought it wise to leave it at that.

With lots of rejects already in my bag, I surely hope the adcom thinks I have it in me to be a part of the Tuck community.

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The Indian Alchemist said...

All the best for both Tuck and Duke man..U will do great..