Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Its been pretty long since I wrote something on my blog. No particular reason for this - probably been too lazy.

For the record, my app process is going something like this:
Kellog, Haas and INSEAD: DWI
Duke: Waitlisted and subsequently interviewed (will write my interview experience in a separate post)
ISB: Interviewed
Decided to apply to Tuck in the January round and have been called for interview.

A lot of effort has gone into the application process since April last year - time I started preparing for GMAT. I had a GMAT score of 770 to show for two and a half months of efforts, and my MBA dream was off to a flying start. At least I was assured of an MBA, if that was all I cared for. An MBA is assured even now - where and when is uncertain.

I scheduled a feedback session with INSEAD, and the lady told me that the major factor for rejection was absence of international experience in my profile. Not that I was taken aback by this, considering that the school in question was INSEAD. But subsequent DWIs from Kellogg and Haas mean there has to be more than this single reason for my rejections.

I have polished my app since then and decided to apply to Tuck. What transpires remains to be seen. Atleast, its not a DWI this time. Applying in a staggered manner (with an even distribution in rounds one and two) seems to be a better choice as there is no doubt that one's application improves significantly with time.

Also, I am not sure whether I will join ISB even if I get through. It may sound very foolish to have applied at all when I wasnt even sure of joining but I would rather prefer to make that decision after I have something in my hand.

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